MTN - Pilot Ranks
Pilot Ranks
Minimum Requirements - all for the prior rank plus: Image Rank
minimum 50000 points Chief Captain
minimum 20000 points; Staff Trainer award Training Captain
10000 to 19999 Commercial Captain
5000 to 9999 Senior Captain
2000 to 4999 Captain
1000 to 1999 First Officer
500 to 999 Second Officer
200 to 499 Flight Engineer
1 to 199 Trainee
0 New Hire

Point Acquisition

Points for each flight are the sum of the following point components (all flights capped at 3 hours for point purposes, so no hourly component will be awarded for more than 3 hours of time:
  • Flight itself - 2 points per flight.
  • Hours component - 10 points per hour flown capped at 30 points.
  • Online component - 3 points per hour for flying on VATSIM, capped at 9 points.
  • FSACARS component - 3 points per hour capped for using and reporting your flight via FSACARS, capped at 9 points.
  • Official flight component - 2 points per hour for flying an official route, capped at 6 points.
  • Official aircraft component - 1 point per hour for flying an official aircraft, capped at 3 points.
Points will be added together and rounded to the nearest point. The highest point total possible for any single flight is 59.

In addition to flight points, there are/will be opportunities to earn bonus points, most notably participating in official group flights. Watch the forums for news on these items.


Over the next several months, we will be adding several award categories and several awards within these categories. As the requirements and programs come "on-line" for these, added requirements for certain ranks will include certain awards. After complete implementation, no rank above Second Officer will be attainable through points only.


We recommend flying on the VATSIM network. Click the logo for more information.

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