Group Flight - Boston, MA to Buffalo, NY

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Group Flight - Boston, MA to Buffalo, NY

Postby MTN2658 » Thu Apr 23, 2015 6:14 am

Group Flight – May 17th - 12:30 to 15:30 MST (1930 – 2230z)

Our two flights today will be:

Flight #1 2002
Boston Logan International (KBOS) (Gateˢ C20, C21) to Buffalo-Niagara International Airport (KBUF) (Gateˢ 18). Dispatch suggests a CRJ2 for this flight, but as always, you may use any aircraft and/or route of your choice.

The suggested route is HYLND3 HYLND SYR ROC V510 EHMAN (362nm/1.3 hrs @ FL280)

Flight #2 4190
Buffalo-Niagara International Airport (KBUF) (Gateˢ 18) to Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (KDTW) (Gateˢ C33, C35, C37, C39).
Dispatch suggests a CRJ2 for this flight, but as always, you may use any aircraft and/or route of your choice

The suggested route is WELLA V2 MOAWK YQO094 YQO SPICA2 (216/0.9 hrs @ FL220)

The use of TeamSpeak is encouraged so you may talk with and listen to other Mountain Air Pilots. This Group Flight qualifies as 1 Group Achievement Point and 20 bonus pilot points.

NOTE: To automatically dispatch this flight up to 12 hours prior to departure, simply click on the above highlighted flight number. This will take you to the Flight Detail Page where you can dispatch the flight for use in ACARS. ACARS allows you to facilitate your status on the MTN Flight Board as well as record your flight log automatically. Please remember when dispatching your flight that you are scheduling your pushback/start time. Look at the flight board and schedule your pushback/start time 4 Min after the last flight time scheduled. Please make sure you are ready for pushback/start at your requested time. If for some reason you can’t be ready, just reschedule your time and coordinate with the other pilots after you for the next possible pushback/start time.

Pilots of all levels of experience are encouraged to join the flight regardless of available navigation programs. Use VOR to VOR navigation if necessary and ask other pilots for directions if ATC is not available for vectors.

Hope to see you in the "Group Flight Skies" soon!
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Re: Group Flight - Boston, MA to Buffalo, NY

Postby MTN1664 » Sun May 17, 2015 10:18 am

I doubt i will get an answer in time. I just looked at the FlightBoard for Group flight slots on this flight and all I see there is for a group flight on 5/31/15. What is up?

Additional. so I check in with about 20 min till this flight starts. I see this on the flightboard.

Group Flight Slots for Next Flight (All Times are US Mountain Time)
Click Here to search and slot a group flight
First Leg --> Flight Date: 05/31/2015 -- Flight Number: 7110 -- Departure Airport: KDTW
Pushback Time Callsign Pilot Aircraft Departure Gate at KDTW Arrival Gate at KCIU
12:30 pm MTN2469 Bill Hunt B738 C20 18

Something is amiss and in need of repairs...
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Re: Group Flight - Boston, MA to Buffalo, NY

Postby MTN2245 » Mon May 18, 2015 11:21 am

I think Jake forgot to add the flight. It's a 3step process and he forgot the last step.
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