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02/12/2015 Jakob Kruse, MTN2658 has been offered and accepted a position as an events coordinator! We welcome Jakob to the corporate offices. See forum post
01/09/2015 The slotting function on the FlightBoard for group flights is now active. We'll soon update the pilot manual for the changes. Be sure to look at the forum post for more on this. See forum post
01/05/2015 Current and approved repaints of payware aircraft are now available for download from our server. Go to the fleet page and click on the payware link at the top of the page to be directed to the payware repaint page. You will have to be logged in to load the page.
11/21/2014 HQ is pleased to announce that Bill Hunt (MTN2469) has accepted the position of dispatcher. We welcome him on staff!
08/13/2014 Congrats to John Downen who has been promoted to Events Manager! John has been the Group Flight Coordinator for nearly a year now and has earned his new job. The back office looks forward to working with John in his new job!
08/11/2014 As promised, we now have a new Teamspeak server active with 15 slots rather than the old 10. See the forum for connection info. Forum post
08/04/2014 It's that time again when we need to call for donations to kepp this place running. Please see the forum post
03/10/2014 The CRJ9 for FSX is now complete and uploaded to the server. You can download the aircraft by going to the fleet pages and choosing the CRJ-900 for FSX.
03/04/2014 Temporary TeamSpeak rules have been issued in the interim before the final rules are published. See forum post
03/02/2014 We're pleased to announce that Scott Merritt (MTN2426) was named as a new Training Editor today. Scott will help review, revise and update our traning documents. Welcome to an HQ office! See forum post
02/26/2014 The E145 updated for FSX has been released. It's also painted in the 15th anniversary colors.
01/29/2014 Glen Brown (MTN2451) has been named to the newly created position of Special Events Coordinator! See forum post for more.
01/25/2014 The Dash-8 Q400 for FSX was released today. Check the fleet pages for the download. The FS9 version will be posted in the next few days.
01/17/2014 Congratulations to Ben Anderson (MTN2477) on his appointment today as Dispatcher for the Western Region. We welcome Ben to the corporate offices! See forum post
01/08/2014 The first two VATSIM training sessions have been scheduled. We'll have a phase 1 session starting at 12:30 PM MST on Saturday January 18 and Saturday January 25. See the training forum for a more complete description of these sessions. See forum post
01/03/2014 Frank Sullivan, MTN2183, was named today as the Assistant Regional Manager for the Eastern Region. We welcome him to the upper floors at HQ! See forum post
11/08/2013 We are pleased to announce that the Operations and Dispatch departments have finished the initial flight scheduling for New York LaGuardia (KLGA) and Washington Dulles (KIAD). Both airports now have numerous originating flights. Dispatch will watch both over the next few months and add flights as necessary. See forum post
10/27/2013 Today we released the first of the 15 year anniversary fleet update by adding a new CRJ7 for FSX and a B712 for FSX sporting our lew logo and anniversary seal. Read the forum post for more, and go to the fleet pages for a look! See forum post
10/10/2013 A pool has been added in the forum to indicate your top choice for a Candian flight center. Please go to the forums and vote to have your choice heard!
10/06/2013 We are pleased to announce that John Downen, MTN2245, had been appointed as the Events Coordinator for the Eastern Region. We welcome him into the executive offices!
09/25/2013 A page is now online that allows you t update your e-mail address and current city and state yourself. See forum post for more
09/24/2013 As of today, points will be added to each flight total for using FSACARS to report your flight and file your PIREP. See forum post for additional information.
09/05/2013 A new poll was added today in the polls forum. It asks a single question - would you like to see one or more Canadian flight centers added? Please let us know what you think!
07/04/2013 Casey Diers MTN1474 wins June the June greased landing contest, with a -33 fpm landing at Jackson Hole airport in a B190. Congrats!
06/17/2013 The winners of the Spring 2013 screenshot contest have been posted. Congratulations to David masters, MTN469 for the winning shot. Gary Widup, MTN001, posted the runner-up. See screenshot page
06/12/2013 The position of Eastern Region Dispatcher is now oficially open and has been posted. For details, go to About Us from the main menu, click on Human Resources, then Job Openings.
04/12/2013 Congratulations to Keegan Beck (MTN2007) on his appointment to the position of Western Regional Dispatcher. We wish Keegan well in his new duties of reviewing flightplans in the West for accuracy and timeliness. (See forum post)
03/08/2013 Congratulations to Skip Ricker, MTN2124, on his appointment as the Eastern Regional Events Coordinator. All of us at HQ look forward to working with Skip and hope he soon settles into his new office overlooking the Portland, Maine airport runways. See forum post.
02/23/2013 The scenery pages are now active. You can get to them by going to the "Pilot Lounge" menu and clicking on "Scenery". Files will be added periodically, so check often!
02/23/2013 The file that fixes the changes made to KEUG since FSX was released is now posted on the scenery page.
02/09/2013 The award system is now online and functional, and works very similarly to the promotion system. To see more information, click the forum link. See forum post
02/01/2013 Now that we're well on our way to making our multiple hub concept a reality, we're also making the move away from "hubs" and going to regions. The main menu bar has now been changed to reflect that, and soon all references to hubs will disappear. More on this in NOTAMs. Watch the forum for further developments. See forum post
01/14/2013 While it is difficult to find a time that works well for everyone on both the east and west coasts, MTN is hopeful this shift will allow more pilot participation. Beginning January 20, the Sunday Group Flight start time will be 12:00 noon Mountain Standard Time (Denver, USA) / 19:00 UTC. See forum post.
01/02/2013 We have a lot of pilots that qualify for promotions but haven't asked for it, and others that are asking for them before they qualify. Your promotion progress is now shown on your personal page, so you'll always know where you stand. The easiest way to get to your personal page is to click the "Active Roster" link in the Pilot Lounge menu, then scroll to your callsign and click the left-side link. Casey posted more in the forum about this. forum post
12/05/2012 A small but important change in the dispatch system was implemented last evening. When searching dispatch, all flights in the database will be available for dispatch. We're no longer tracking planes, so you won't be disappointed when you wanted to originate a flight in a city that didn't currently have one. See forum post
11/25/2012 The first of our written training materials are now available for download. Go to the "Pilot Lounge" option and choose "Training". Select the "Training Documents" link from the main training page to see the current selections available. More will be added in the coming weeks.
11/20/2012 The Live ACARS tracking system is now operational. Existing users need to make a single small change to your MTN.ini file before you will show up on the map. For those not yet using ACARS, please consider it. It can be used, and will track flights done online or offline. See forum post
11/19/2012 The fall screenshot contest is active in the Polls section of the forum. Be sure to cast your vote! It will be held open until November 30.
11/04/2012 There's a new poll now active on your preference for a new small mainline jet in the "Speak Up" forum. Please vote! While there, please also vote in the sim type poll if you haven't already.
11/04/2012 Mountain Air has a new training program! The biggest part of the program is a new One-on-One program that is available to all pilots, new and experienced alike, flying On- or Off-line. This program is a voluntary program in which the pilot requests help and will then be assigned an Instructor pilot to help resolve the issue the pilot may be experiencing. We also have several new MTN manuals and videos available for use. A new training MTN web page is under developement. Until the web page is up, you may contact Lance Andrus, MTN115, directly at training@mountain-air.org if you need help.
10/31/2012 Due to the hurricane Sandy devastation in the eastern part of the USA, Mountain Air is responding by flying large jet relief flights from Chicago to Philadelphia. The extensive devastation is so wide spread that other MTN flights are also being provided from Denver and Dallas. See Events Forum for details.
10/28/2012 Mountain Air is very excited to announce the addition of Lance Andrus, MTN115, to MTN's management team in the position of Training Manager. Lance has been an active Mountain Air member since June 1999 and during this time, acquired a wide range of expertise in all aspects of virtual airlines operations and flying as a pilot. He also has extensive VATSIM online experience both as a pilot and air traffic controller.
10/27/2012 Completing our coverage of the continental United States, the newest hub at Dallas/Ft. Worth is ready to open. The official opening date is November 1, but we were so excited we couldn't wait and jumped the gun by a couple days. DFW is now listed on the hub dropdown and you can look at all the flights from there. IAH (Houston Intercontinental) will be used as a small secondary hub out of Dallas, and you should see those dozen or so flights appearing in the next few days.
10/27/2012 MTN pilots are celebrating the opening of their newest hub at KDFW. Be part of this historic event and join the evening fun by flying from our Denver corporate headquarters at KDEN, to our new gates at KDFW. View Forum details.
10/25/2012 To help us move forward, please vote in the poll under the Speak Up forum indicating your primary flight sim software. We'll use this information to help us make decisions on moving forward. FS Software
10/24/2012 It has come to our attention that the new drop down menus on our pages are causing some problems for some mobile users. To help that, we've added a site map to our pages. To access the site map. scroll to the bottom of most pages and click the site map link.
10/23/2012 For several months, management has discussed the concept of 'mini-hubs', which are basically a small hub within a hub. The first of these is now operational, with about a dozen flights out of Detroit (KDTW) attached to the Philadelphia hub. Over the next several weeks, we'll roll out more. In the end, there will be about four or five more, with a limited number of flights (10-20) from each.
10/11/2012 In our continuing effort to update our website, the award walls have been added to all pilot personal pages. The awards system will begin expanding in the coming weeks, and a page will be added to request an award when you qualify. Watch the news feed and the forums for more.
09/25/2012 Mike Deihl, MTN2071, has accepted the position of Vice-President of Training and Events. He has been the Events Manager for the past several months and has done a wonderful job with it. Mike says he's looking forward to the challenges of moving up to the VP position and getting his hands wet with training!
09/14/2012 In our continuing effort to make the front page more useful and pertinent, the hub flights have been replaced by the last 15 logged flights. As we continue to move away from hubs as operation centers, that data is becoming less useful, and we thought the recent logged flights would be more interesting for our members.
09/04/2012 The airport detail page - accessed through the pilot database or by links from the hub pages - now includes arrival and departure information for each airport we serve.
08/24/2012 Congratulations to Craig Hadfield, MTN2035, on his appointment as Member Services Manager. All of us at HQ look forward to working with Craig and we hope he soon settles into his new corner office overlooking runway 35L at Denver. See forum post.
06/28/2012 The Mountain Air webpage has a new super look thanks to the hard work of Casey (MTN1474). The new "Upcoming Mountain Air Events" display replaces the traditional Google Calendar format and postings in the "Recent Headlines". See forum post.
06/10/2012 Mountain Air pilots will fly a charter jet Seattle to Rapid City, South Dakota, home to Mt. Rushmore. Once the jets land in Rapid City, anyone interested can jump into their small prop aircraft for a VFR sight-seeing tour past the President's faces on Mt. Rushmore. See forum post.
06/03/2012 Mountain Air will be flying cargo from Seattle to Port Angeles, Hoquiam, Kelso, and Yakima, and then return to KSEA for dinner at the Space Needle. The weather will hopefully cooperate and VFR flights can be enjoyed. See forum post.
05/31/2012 Pilots will fly one of Mountain Air's larger jets from the sunny, dry weather of Palm Springs to the cloudy, soggy weather in Seattle. See forum post.
05/26/2012 Mountain Air pilots will be flying official jet passenger flights from Missoula to Salt Lake, then onto Palm Springs in the ZLA ATC Control Area. See forum post.
05/25/2012 Cargo will be deliveried to numerous outlying communities in the mountainous Missoula area. The entire delivery route is about 3 hours, but pilots that cannot participate for the full 3 hours are welcome to fly only the legs time permits. See forum post.
05/22/2012 Mountain Air needs to return a cargo B757-200 from Juneau, Alaska (PAJN) to Missoula, Montana (KMSO). The trip is 1,137 nm and will require just under 3 hours. This flight will provide plenty of time for good conversation using TeamSpeak. See forum post.
05/10/2012 Mountain Air pilots will be flying B1900 charters for about 2 hours from Valdez, back to Juneau, with a quick in-route stop at Yakutat. See forum post.
05/05/2012 Mountain Air pilots will return to Alaska via official flight # 2426B from Whitehorse, Canada. The 2 hour flight will cover the 489 nm at an altitude of 20,000 feet to clear the tops of several impressive mountains! See forum post.
05/05/2012 Mountain Air will be using small prop aircraft to fly VFR from Anchorage to Kenai, Homer, Seward and finally Valdez. If bad weather interrupts this charter run once we are airborn, we will hopefully return to Anchorage for a safe landing! See forum post.
05/03/2012 Mountain Air with fly small prop aircraft on a VFR Alaskan charter tour that ends in Canada. The route will be from Juneau to Gustavus, then onto Skagway and Whitehorse, Canada. Of course weather could have a big impact on our tour so we will fly it by the seat of our pants! See forum post.
04/27/2012 Mountain Air official flight # 101C from Seattle (KSEA) will deliver important passengers and cargo to Juneau International Airport (PAJN) in Southeast Alaska. If you have not flown a Group Flight, this would be a great time to try with this flight to the Last Frontier! See forum post.
04/10/2012 The Group will fly from Salt Lake City (KSLC) to Great Falls (KGTF) to pick up cargo, then deliver it to Seattle (KSEA). Using our CRJ2s, we can fly the first leg to Great Falls in about 1.3 hours, and about 1.4 hours to Seattle. The more pilots that participate, the more fun we can deliver! See forum post.
04/02/2012 Join the group Mountain Air charter jet flight from Dallas-Ft. Worth International to Salt Lake City to help deliver cargo. It will take about 2 hours to complete the 882 nm flight. If you have questions, post them in the Events Forum. See forum post.
04/01/2012 A Mountain Air group charter flight will take place from Buffalo Niagara International to Dallas-Ft. Worth International. Will be fun and interesting using the BYP5 approach into Dallas! Pilots that have never flown on line in one of our Group Flights are really encouraged to join us! Will always have fun and love to help folks get started with online flying! See forum post.
03/26/2012 Mountain Air pilots will fly from their Philadelphia hub to Portland, Maine, and then pilot a charter flight over to Niagara Falls (Buffalo, New York). Aircraft of choice will be used for each of the two legs that are about 350 nm each. See forum post.
03/19/2012 The group will fly to the Philadelphia Hub to prepare for several future commuter flights in the eastern part of the country. The inland flight route will follow the eastern coastline. See forum post.
02/29/2012 On March 25, the Group will pack up the suntan lotion and speedo's because the vacation time has run out and the MTN commuter business needs pilots back in the States. The Group pulls out of Panama City at 1:30 p.m. and lands in Miami around 4 p.m. (MST). See forum post.
02/27/2012 Several pilots are eligible for promotion. See forum post for more. See forum post
02/17/2012 March 18 - We will give the jets a rest and fire up the turboprops! If weather permits, we will go VFR, otherwise IFR. The trip will begin at Bogota, Columbia, take us to Medellin, then to the northwest to visit the Panama Canal. See forum post.
02/16/2012 March 11 - The trip will begin by leaving the beaches of Curacao on a flight to Simon Bolivar International in Caracas, Venezuela, then off on a second flight to El Dorado International in Bogota, Columbia, which sits at an elevation of 8,365 feet. See forum post.
02/13/2012 On March 4, test your skills by "Flying the Fence" at Princess Juliana. From there, head south to Curacao where coves reveal hidden emerald-blue seas. See forum post.
02/09/2012 On February 26, we will be flying MTN's props from Kingston, Jamaica (MKJP) to Port-au Prince, Haiti (MTPP), then a jet flight on over to San Juan (TJSJ). As always, you are welcome to use the aircraft and route of your choice. See forum post.
02/07/2012 On February 19, the Group will leave Cancun and move on to several of the beaches and towns of Jamaica. To make the trip we will be flying MTN jets and props with our first Jamaican stop in Montego Bay, then onto Kingston where we will relax before beginning our island hopping. See forum post.
01/24/2012 On February 12, after a long winter flying the routes in the north, we will finally get to relax on the beaches of Cancun, Mexico. The flight from Houston to Cancun should be a relaxing couple of hours. See forum post.
01/23/2012 On February 5th, it is time for us snowbirds to head south for some warmer weather! To begin this migration, we will use MTN Flight # 123 from Denver (KDEN) to Houston (KIAH). See forum post.
01/23/2012 On February 1, from 19:00 MST to about 21:00 MST join us for an evening Group Flight. To help unwind from the days pressure, try this - Fly MTN's Flight # 9053 from San Francisco (KSFO) to Portland (KPDX). Kick back, enjoy the night lights and use your favorite Turbo Prop or Jet. See forum post.
01/14/2012 Please look at the forum post for important information. See forum post
01/11/2012 Our new point system is operational and flight hours have been converted to points as of January 8. See the forum for more. See forum post
01/11/2012 Due to the recent extreme winter weather, Mountain Air has decided to provide emergency supply charter flights from Anchorage (PANC) to Nome (PAOM), Alaska. Grab your favorite plane, Mukluk boots, warm up the engines, and join the group! See forum post.
01/04/2012 Come join us on January 29, from 13:30 MST to about 16:00 MST for more Mountain Air group flights. This week we have another charter flight (# 9999) to fly more skiers from Helena (KHLN) to Jackson Hole (KJAC). Following that flight, we have been assigned MTN Flight # 4116 to Denver (KDEN), and for those that want overtime, you can take command of the MTN Flight # 4113 from Denver to Aspen (KASE). Approaches into Jackson Hole and Aspen can be a real challenge if there is active winter weather! See forum post.
01/01/2012 On January 22, from 13:30 MST to about 16:30 MST, we will use MTN flight #s 3173 and 3174. As long as the weather cooperates, we should have an opportunity to see some spectacular scenery in Glacier National Park and the Canadian Rockies as we fly from Missoula (KMSO) to Calgary (CYYC), and then from Calgary to Helena (KHLN). See forum post.
12/30/2011 On January 8, from 13:30 MST to about 16:00 MST, we have a charter flight that requires us to fly a small group of ski bums from KSFO (San Francisco) to KTVL (South Lake Tahoe), and then a quick hop over to KRNO (Reno) where we need to pick up the Mountain Air Flight # 4218 back to KSLC (Salt Lake City). See forum post
12/30/2011 On January 15, from 13:30 MST to about 16:30 MST, we will use MTN Flight #4209 to move the large payload from Salt Lake City (KSLC) to Missoula (KMSO) as quickly as possible. Then we will transfer the payload to smaller cargo planes for delivery from KMSO to 9S4 (Mineral Co.), then S83 (Shoshone Co.), and then S72 (St. Maries Municipal), with a return flight back to KMSO. This time of year doesn't provide much daylight to make these deliveries, so we best do quick turn-arounds! See forum post.
12/27/2011 It's with pleasure that HQ announces that Mike Diehl (MTN2071) has been named as the new Events Manager. Mike is an active participant in our group flights and will see to it that they continue. He'll also help plan and manage special events. Welcome aboard! See forum post
12/18/2011 Our annual New Year event this year will do double duty - it will officially complete our move from LAX and kick off the grand opening of our SFO hub, and complete our CONUS hub tour that started five weeks ago in Atlanta. Starting at 13:30 MST on New Year's Day, we'll fly from Seattle to San Francisco, using either flight 508 or 4416. Feel free to fly into Seattle be fore the flight or fly out of San Francisco after the flight. See forum post
12/12/2011 The next leg of the CONUS hub tour will take us from Salt Lake City to Seattle. Since these are two of our busiest hubs, you will have several flights to choose from. Use any of the following: 304 in a 738, 306 in a 737, 4423 in a CRJ7 and 4425 in a CRJ9. We continue to add folks each week, and hope to continue that tend with this one! See forum post
12/05/2011 Continuing our CONUS hub tour, we will fly from Denver to Salt Lake City starting at 13:30 MST (20:30 Z) until 15:00 MST (22:00 Z). We will start from gates B50-B80 (SE end of B concourse) and fly flight 101 to Salt Lake City. Arrival gates will be B1-B8. Once again, you'll be credited with 10 group flight points and 1 group flight achievement point. See forum post See forum post
11/29/2011 Mountain Air's new ACARS system was rolled out today. The initial rollout only contains partial functionality, but work continues to add more of its capability in weeks to come. This ushers in a new and exciting era for Mountain Air! See Forum NOTAM
11/27/2011 Continuing our CONUS hub tour, we will fly from Chicago O'Hare to Denver starting at 13:30 MST (19:30 Z) until 16:00 MST ( 22:00 Z) . We will start from gates F3-F11 and fly flight 112 to Denver. Arrival gates will be B50-B60 (even numbers only to put us on the south side of B concourse). Once again, you'll be credited with 10 group flight points and 1 group flight achievement point. See forum post
11/20/2011 We will continue our hub series group flights with flight 906 Philadelphia to Chicago. Pilot points and achievement points will be given. See forum post
11/15/2011 Casey Diers was named the Vice-President of Administration today. As dispatch manager, Casey has already worked closely with executive management on a number of issues and has proven his leadership capabilities. The entire executive management team welcomes him to the executive suite! Forum NOTAM
11/14/2011 Group flight November 20 Atlanta to Philadelphia. Depart Atlanta between 13:00 and 16:00. Fly flight #958 using an aircraft of your choice. See forum post
11/12/2011 There's a new poll in the forums concerning the LAX hub. Please vote! Click here to go to the poll.
11/07/2011 Mountain Air now offers commuter service in and out of the states of VA, NC, SC, GA, FL, MS, and AL with more states to follow in the near future.
09/09/2011 The hosting company changed the IP address for our server. If you are having problems connecting to the forum, refresh the main page. Loading from the cache may link to the wrong IP address.
08/29/2011 The forum is now moved to the new server. Until we complete the switch, the IP does not resolve, so you'll need to input or bookmark the actual address. It is: the link on the left has been changed, but if you have a separate bookmark for the forums, you'll need to change it. Please let Gary know if there are any problems.
08/10/2011 We found that we're using pretty outdated technology, namely .asp pages. After some discussion, we've opted to go with a Linux server and will need to update (meaning re-write) most of our website and database functions. When we finish, our website and data will be php driven and hopefully quite a bit faster. Consequently, it's going to take some time. We've already secured the new server, and work has started, but it will take quite a bit of time with the limited few of us working on it. If anyone is experienced in writing php pages and data calls, we could use your help to get this project done sooner. See forum post
08/09/2011 We're now starting the process of changing servers. We'll move static files over first, and the databases will transfer last. Once we start databse transfers and until we have them completed, database entries (including PIREPS) you make may get lost. Please watch them closely. We'll post messages in the forum when the transfer processes begin and end.
04/26/2011 Let's do a group flight from Juneau to Skagway and stop off at a couple of the resorts along the way. This will require you to download and install Holger Sandman's freeware Glacier Bay vol 1 and vol 2. As usual, we will form up at Juneau on Saturday May 7, 2011 at 1300 MDT (1900 Zulu) and fly for as long as you like and then come back at 1300 MDT (1900 Zulu) on Sunday May 8 and do it again. As usual, I will invite VATSIM to help us out in Alaska that weekend. I didn't set up an event for this weekend as Sunday May 1st is my 35th Wedding Anniversary and I think that probably takes precedence over fly-ins. Since last weekend was Easter, maybe you guys can redo last Sunday's Easter Break event this coming Sunday. Anyway, I think we will need a couple of weeks to all plan Glacier Bay out on this forum, don't you? Recommended downloads: Glacier Bay by Holger Sandman Part 1: http://www.flightsim.com/kdl.php?fid=109713 Glacier Bay by Holger Sandman Part 2: http://www.flightsim.com/kdl.php?fid=109714 Juneau International - Mach1 Design Group: http://www.flightsim.com/kdl.php?fid=130811 Geneer Stations: http://www.flightsim.com/kdl.php?fid=147314 Missing chimney smoke effect for Geneer Stations: http://www.flightsim.com/kdl.php?fid=147383 Alsek River "Rudy's Strip": (Made to work with Glacier Bay): http://www.flightsim.com/kdl.php?fid=115986 If anyone comes up with other scenery files to share, just chime in. We will be featuring our new Super Cub fresh out of the paint shop as well as our tried and true DHC-2 (Beaver) and DHC-6 (Twin Otter) As Alaska is very popular with our group, this should be well attended and a lot of fun. Hope to see you out. Verne (Forum post)
04/18/2011 Sunday April 24, 2011 at 1300 MDT (1900z) to 1800 MDT (2400Z) Lets take off from TJSJ (San Juan, Puerto Rico) ,KMIA, or even KPHL and bring the party people in to TNCM (Princess Julianna, St. Maarten's). Watch out for the crazy party animals who are "flying the fence" as you approach. Then switch up to a turboprop and fly on to St. Barth's. You have to clear the ridge and then drop down onto the runway, but take care not to overshoot and go into the bay. These are both among the top ten most extreme airports in the world. Yikes. See you next week if you are really up to it. This event will be credited to TJSJ. I recommend installing the following scenery: St. Maarten's: http://www.flightsim.com/kdl.php?fid=91784 St. Barth's: http://www.flightsim.com/kdl.php?fid=89094 Mesh:http://www.flightsim.com/kdl.php?fid=83905 (Forum post)
04/11/2011 Group flight from KPHL to KBGR. 1300 MDT (1900z) to 1800 MDT (2400z) Turbojets and Turboprops okay. Vatsim will be invited to have ATC on duty. Forum post
04/03/2011 You have all done Fly IN's. Well this will be a "Fly Out" to celebrate the new routes from KSEA. It will be on Sunday, 4/10 between 1300 and 1800 MDT. Fly any published route you wish from the KSEA hub. Just make sure to PIREP the flight to KSEA. There are some tasty little airports such as KALW (Walla Walla) and KPSC (Pasco) as well as many others to choose from. Hope to see you out there next Sunday. Forum Post
03/06/2011 Gentlemen it gives me great pleasure to announce that Jeff Farrer will head up our all new "Bush Flying Division". Having headed up our PAJN operation and making it the success it the has been over the years, I am sure Jeff will once again focus all his creative skills into turning this new venture into something we will all want to be a part of. So please all join me in wishing Jeff well and congratulate him on his new venture. Well done Jeff! Forum post
03/06/2011 A man who is not affraid to haul fish from Dutch Harbour in a C208 to long hauling freight from Chicago to Salt Lake City in a 757. He has flown out of every hub Mountain Air has to offer and is one of Mountain Air's longest serving members, he is normally a regular on the top pilot list and believes Cargo does not whine like PAX. Gentlemen put your hands together and join me in congratulating Robert Patton II MTN578 in his promotion to "Divisional Manager-Cargo". Robert I am sure you will grow from strength to strength and lead from the front in your new role. Cargo is an important part of our business and under your guidance I am confident we will once again be the leaders in this field. Well done Robert and good luck! Forum post
01/31/2011 This week's group flight is the commuter division flight 2614A from TJSJ to TNCM. Join us on Sunday February 6 from 1 pm to 4 pm MST. Leave the winter behind and enjoy some fun in the sun! See forum post
01/24/2011 Group flight Wednesday January 26 Denver to Albuquerque. See forum post
12/26/2010 Look at the events forum for details and flight plans for the New Year's Day event!
12/02/2010 The MTN E170 is released today. Thanks again to Dale Reitz, MTN2036 for yet another superb paint. See the forum post for download link. See forum post
11/21/2010 Philadelphia International has been selected as the newest hub for Mountain Air. It was chosen for several reasons, but high on the list was the availability of high quality freeware scenery for both FS9 and FSX. See forum post below for screenshots of the airport. See forum post
11/21/2010 The MTN E145 has been released for download. This is a plane and texture package. The plane is freeware by Project Opensky and Dale Reitz (MTN2036) reapinted it for Mountain Air. See forum post
11/18/2010 Two new polls are up concerning group flights. Log into the "Speak Up" forum and vote! We will soon start having regular group flights, but we need to know opinions on the best time for them. Have your say!
11/13/2010 The texures for the CRJ9 are now available for download as a texture set only. The aircraft is the Project Opensky CRJ9 version 3. You will need to have the plane installed and manually install the textures. See forum post
11/09/2010 A texture only download of the 737-700 is now available. A self-installer package will follow soon. See forum post
10/31/2010 Gentlemen Bruce Marten MTN 1794 has been appointed Passenger Operations Manager for Mountain Air. Bruce has been our Chief Pilot over in Juneau and knows all about getting good folk to their destination on time, he too knows how to cook up a really good meal so our passenger service division in his capable hands should grow from strength to strength. Well done Bruce Forum post.
10/31/2010 Gentlemen I have yet to see someone so dedicated to repainting our fleet, than this good man. So please all put your hands together in congratulating Dale Reitz for all the fine work he has done and for stepping up to the plate in accepting the position of Fleet Maintenance Manager for Mountian Air. Forum post.
10/23/2010 If you would like to benefit from this exciting offer, then read on,.... NOTAMS
10/19/2010 Gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to announce the appointment of Jeff Farrer MTN1220 as Cargo Operations Manager. Jeff has been the at the helm of our Juneau operation and knows all about moving cargo. Forum post.
09/26/2010 We wish to welcome Dan Ellis (MTN395)as the new VP of Training and Events. Dan will be working hard over the next several months to re-establish a vibrant training department and create monthly standing group flights as well as several special events every year. Dan says he welcomes suggestions and comments from all pilots! Forum post.
09/17/2010 Congratulations to Mark Pitschlitz (MTN1790), who has been named the new Vice-President of Operations. Mark will be very busy over the next several months, as he will be a key player overseeing the restructuring. He says he's up to the challenge! We look forward to working with Mark in his new role.
09/06/2010 Mountain Air opened Bob Hope Airport in Burbank CA on 9/6/2010. Bob Hope is situated at the foot of the Tehachapi Mountains in Southern California and is a busy terminal that serves the San Fernando Valley and Hollywood among other foothill communities. In addition to current flights to KSFO, KBUR will soon have flights in and out of KOAK, KSLC, and KDEN. KBUR is a challenging airport with the visual runway 15 approach skimming the mountain ridge, weaving by the 4 stack power plant and then onto the runway. Better be on your toes for this one. See complete story
09/01/2010 Mountain Air's Teamspeak 3 Server launched today. The server address is Visit the forum posting for the details. TS3 Details
08/31/2010 The dispatch system will go live tomorrow, September 1. Instructions on it's use has been posted in the forums and can be found at http://forum.mountain-air.org/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=2347 Please report any problems with it to Gary or Guy. Some problems are known and will be fixed shortly. There may be others we don't know about. Forum post
08/17/2010 The new dispatch system will go live on September 1. This is the first in a series of new and exciting changes that will be phasing in over several months. Dispatching will be first in order to accustom pilots to using it before it gets combined with other new features. Just before the end of this month there should be a manual posted for instructions on it's use.
07/28/2010 Casey Diers (MTN1474) has accepted the position of dispatch manager. With our upcoming dispatch system, keeping flightplans current and updated will be a never ending job. Thank you Casey for stepping up!
07/22/2010 We've begun testing on the dispatch system for passenger flights. Flights are being added to the database to make it usable and functional. We're shooting for a roll-out date of September 1.
03/05/2010 Matt Grastorf, MTN 1957 Has been Promoted to Los Angeles Chief Pilot. Thanks for stepping for the job Matt.
03/01/2010 The board today has decided to close the St. Louis hub. It has been a challenge to keep staffed, and hasn't been very successful at attracting new pilots. All pilots assigned to St. Louis have been transferred to Denver. If you're a former St. Louis pilot and wish an assignment other than Denver, please contact HR to get it changed.
02/16/2010 Article to appear on News page Europe Regional Chief Pilot
02/14/2010 The first in a series of polls is now posted in the Speak Up! forum. We want to know what you think. If you haven't voted, please take a minute and do so. You'll be helping to shape the future. Help shape the airline's future.
02/07/2010 Ron Wells, MTN1895, has been named as the new Chief Pilot for the Salt Lake City Hub. Please view the forum announcement for all the details. Announcement
12/27/2009 The Salt Lake Hub now has daily ski charter service to Jackson Hole and Aspen Colorado! Read Post
11/24/2009 Wayne Baker, MTN1863, has been named Hub Manager in Los Angeles and will be responsible for the KLAX hub. Captain Baker has most recently been serving as Chief Pilot at KSLC. Announcement
11/03/2009 Gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to announce the promotion of Captain Paidrik Lebon to the position of "Regional Chief Pilot" for Europe. Our outgoing Chief, Robert Patton II has bravely and in the interest of our VA crossed the pond over to LAX in an attempt to try and breath life back into the hub. Robert we wish you well in your attempts and if we can help in any way, phone Buzz over at Missoula. No seriously jokes aside, Robert please shout you know the line is open 24/7 and whatever the outcome you may rest assured knowing that your place is always set and that the islands of Greece await your return. Paidrik, congratulations on your promotion. I know you will do an outstanding job in filling Robert's shoes. Your reputation for hard work in setting up our training facility in Corsica and the good relationship you have forged between Mountain Air and VATSIM France displays the kind off attributes I believe qualify you for the position. So without further ado please raise your glasses in a toast to our new "Regional Chief Pilot" Captain Paidrik Lebon. Bons monsieur et félicitations de chance
09/12/2009 Read NOTAMS for all the details Teamspeak Server NOTAM
09/10/2009 Lloyd Clem (MTN1250) has surpassed the 6,000 hour mark. Well done Lloyd! Forum Topic
08/27/2009 Robert Patton II promoted to Regional Chief Pilot of Mountain Air Europe. Robert brings to the position long service with Mountain Air and from past experience has shown commitment and dedication towards Mountain Air. Robert is a dedicated pilot and has shown enthusiasm towards our new region. He is always willing to listen and offer sound advice. His willingness to explore and take on new challenges will help to setup an exciting future for this ever growing region. Announcement
07/15/2009 Gentleman, please join me in congratulating Senior Captain Casey Diers MTN 1474 on his promotion to “Regional Chief Pilot Mountain Air – Europe”. Casey brings to the table, youth and wealth of knowledge of online flying as well as being a qualified Air Traffic Controller over at Denver. Those of you that have flown online with Casey will tell you that he is professional and extremely knowledgeable. I am honored and privileged to have Casey on my team. Congratulations Casey and welcome onboard. Forum Topic
07/11/2009 Mountain Air is opening a new multi-hub region in Europe. Hub cities will include Edinburgh, Zurich and Palma de Mallorca. Service will be provided to 40 cities. Commuter hubs will be added and expand that service offering to many more interesting cities. Announcement
05/13/2009 Mountain Air is pleased to announce the appointment of James Hart, MTN1581, to the position of Vice President - Terminal Operations, effective immediately. Jim brings great qualifications to this position, having served in several leadership positions at Mountain Air. He is a real world pilot and flight instructor. He often flies online and has provided assistance to many Mountain Air pilots over the years. He is a terrific contributor to the Mountain Air community and will significantly strengthen our Executive Team. Jim is a really great guy ... admired and respected by all who know him! Announcement
04/28/2009 Wayne Baker, MTN1880 has been named Chief Pilot for Salt Lake City! Join me in congratulating Wayne, welcome aboard Chief Baker! Announcement
04/20/2009 Jeff Hendershot, MTN1289, has been named as the new Hub Manager in Salt Lake City. Please view the forum announcement for all the details. Announcement
04/02/2009 Corey Olsen, MTN1076 took the big plunge and has accepted the challenge of KSEA Assistant Hub Manager. Please give Corey a big KSEA welcome to hub management. Somebody get some lobster and crab so we can meet him at the Spanaway Airport (S44) to feed him some good Seattle grub. It will be definitely better than I meet him at the McDonalds at 150th and Pacific Ave out in Spanaway and buy him a lunch! Whew Hew! Forum announcement
02/24/2009 Michael Green MTN 1683, has been promoted to Chief Pilot in the Los Angeles Hub. Announcement
01/26/2009 Robert Patton, MTN578, has been promoted to Hub Manager of our Seattle hub. Announcement
01/10/2009 Mark Pitschlitz, MTN1790, has been named KLAX Hub Manager. Announcement
01/10/2009 Philipp Piplits, MTN1082, has been named to a new position at Mountain Air, Vatsim Events Coordinator! Announcement
01/03/2009 Jeff Hendershot, MTN1289, has accepted the position of Manager - Scenery design. See all the details in the forum post under NOTAMs. Click Here
12/13/2008 Scott Davison, MTN1411, has been named VP - Flight Operations. All the details have been posted in the forum. Click Here
12/08/2008 Executive Vice President announced. Congratulations to Rob Mays (MTN048) on his appointment! Click here to view the forum announcement
09/08/2008 On the right side near the top is a "Register" link along with FAQ and Login links. Forum registration is not required, but it's a fun place to hang out with the other MTN pilots. Share stories, get help, or just lurk. But please bring doughnuts. MTN Forum Registration
03/19/2008 Guy has been serving as our webmaster for about a year. He has proven his dedication to Mountain Air and has done a phenomenal job of elevating our website capabilities. In addition to continuing with his webmaster responsibilities Guy will now be responsible for the strategic direction of our corporate and hub websites. Guy Finney announced as VP Information Systems
02/13/2008 The FS2004 fleet has been updated. The new livery is now available in the C208 and CRJ7 aircraft. Click here to visit the Fleet Download page
01/17/2008 Beginning our 10th year of operations, dealing with the explosive growth in the past couple years has made for some real challenges. In order to help address some of those challenges, the Board has authorized several management changes. Long-standing President and CEO Verne Cotton (MTN005)has become the Vice-Chairman of Board, and the Board has chosen Chad Nichols (MTN199) as the new President and CEO. The Board has also filled a vacancy with the appointment of Lloyd Clem (MTN1250) to one of the open at-large board seats. Congratulations to Verne, Chad and Lloyd!
12/31/2007 Our 10th Anniversary livery is here! There are two aircraft for FSX and five for FS2004. Visit the Fleet link to get your new birds!
11/21/2007 Although late for our Canadian pilots, management wants to bid those celebrating Thanksgiving in the United States this week a wonderful holiday! To them and everyone else in the airline best wishes to you and your families!
11/05/2007 The web server suffered an outage in the fall of 2007 and some data was lost. Now that the site is back online we have several important items: 1) All PIREPs between August 13th and the server crash were lost. Pilots are encouraged to enter their missing PIREPs. For those who do not have a record of their PIREPs, simply press on by adding future reports. 2) All promotions after August 13th will need to be re-applied. Please note this may require you to enter PIREPs in order to obtain the pertinent required hours for promotion consideration.
11/05/2007 Forum spam is getting as bad as e-mail spam and is the scourge of forum admins everywhere, so forum registration must sadly involve more steps. To sign up for the Mountain Air forum, click the Forum link on any MTN web page or go to forum.mountain-air.org. Once there, click the "Register" link and accept the agreement. Choose a username (preferably your MTN callsign) and password, enter your e-mail address and submit it. You will receive an automated e-mail message shortly. Click on the link in the e-mail to confirm your identity. This makes you a "registered user". However, since anyone can do this you must also apply for membership in the Pilots user group. Once approved you will be able to post to the forums as usual.
11/03/2007 The web server we had been running on experienced a hardware failure on October 20, 2007, and the server admin has not been able to re-install everything we need for the site to function properly. Consequently we are running on a temporary server until we can find a permanent home. While the hardware failure left the web pages intact, it seems to have corrupted the pilot and forum databases. Neither the server admin nor the hosting company has provided us with backup copies of the database files. Thus we are forced to start over with an empty forum. This is sad from a cultural standpoint, as many spectacular screenshots and humorous stories were lost. Time marches on, though, and we will soon have many more of these. More importantly, the pilot database we are starting with has no entries after August 13, 2007. New pilots, promotions, flight changes and PIREPs after that date were lost. Hub managers will be working with their pilots to re-establish their proper ranks and hours. The Member Services manager will also be closely involved in this effort. This sort of loss is extremely disruptive and unacceptable. Mountain Air management is working to find a more reliable server and a more responsive hosting company to prevent long outages from happening in the future. Notify the webmaster of problems!
07/13/2007 Kevin Williams (MTN1492) has been hired as our new Dispatcher. Please welcome him to his new position.
02/05/2007 The new regional chart map for the St. Louis hub is now available. Click here for all the maps!
12/04/2006 Scott Davison (MTN1411) is our new Dispatch Manager. Please join me in welcoming Scott to his new position! Click here for the forum post
09/29/2006 In one short week, Missoula's management slots are filled back up. Stuart "Buzz" Baxter is the new Hub Manager and Lloyd Clem, MTN1250 has accepted the position of Assistant Hub Manager. Missoula is booming again!!
09/15/2006 There have been plenty of management changes in the recent weeks, and still lots of help needed. Check out the latest openings here!
09/01/2006 Help me out in congratulating John Anderson, MTN1206, on his selection as the new Seattle Hub Asst. Manager. Great work John!! Make sure and give him your kind words here!
08/28/2006 Long time Mountain Air employee, Don Cote(MTN520) has issued his resignation as the Missoula Hub Manager. Good lock Don!! Stay tuned for the new hub manager's selection. Stay tuned for the new hub manager's selection.
08/17/2006 Kevin Chambers, MTN888, has been selected as the Assistant Hub Manager for the St. Louis hub. Please join me in welcoming him to his new post. Four more hubs until a fully staffed Terminal Operations Department! Lets get them filled!
08/14/2006 Mr. James Hirst, MTN1371, has been selected for the Assistant Hub Manager postition at San Juan. He is leaving the Denver hub for the warm, sunny Caribean. Congratulations James! Now for the rest of the spots...
08/02/2006 Mountain Air has been short-handed when it comes to our jobs, such as Asst. Hub Managers. We need you, the pilots to fill these. If you are interested please contact the Human Resource Manager, Robert Patton II (MTN578). Click here for openings!
06/08/2006 Dean Hoover, MTN1264, has been selected as the new Hub Manager for the St. Louis Hub. He is replacing Gary Widup, MTN001, who had taken over the hub until a new manager was selected. The Asst. Hub Manager position is still open. Do you fit the criteria?
05/04/2006 The real KSTL has added a new runway [11/29]. The new scenery is available and will work for both FS9 and Gary's (MTN001) scenery file. More info on the forum post!
03/01/2006 Announcing the acquisition of 11 new Boeing 737-800s. Each has been placed in service and now our Denver, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Salt Lake City, San Juan, and Seattle hubs each has 2 B738s to service their customers. Click here to view all our B738 flights!
03/01/2006 The deHavilland DHC2 Beaver for FS2004 has finally met the rigorous flight testing process and has been approved for flight and addition to the Mountain Air Fleet. Click here to grab this new addition.
02/20/2006 Our updated Boeing 757-200 is here! Get the two new liveries and soundset here!
02/20/2006 The lighting has been updated on our Boeing 737-800 fleet. Click here to get the patch!
01/01/2006 New pilots choosing the San Juan Hub will spend their first 10 flight hours in the program. At the successful completion of the training program, Trainees will be promoted to Flight Engineer and start flying the line! New Pilot Training - San Juan
12/08/2005 MSO's Caravans routes are now in our database and searchable. Click here to view the C208 Routes!
12/06/2005 Seattle has 72 new routes, particularly adding several 'spoke' routes around Portland & Spokane in the E120, BA46, CRJ2, B738, & B752. Click here to view our 737-800 routes!
12/06/2005 Announcing Mountain Air's newest edition to our official fleet, the Boeing 737-800! This baby flies nice and looks great! Click here to visit the 737's official page!
11/30/2005 The Raytheon Beechcraft Baron 58 for FS2004 is here! Microsoft's original modified with MTN paint, reference material, and slightly modified flight dynamics! Click here to download it now!
11/07/2005 Our Job Openings & Descriptions page has been entirely updated. Please take a minute to review our open positions.
11/05/2005 Server maintenance was completed successfully. Thanks to all for your patience! Click here for complete details in the forum!
07/20/2005 Our website has been restored! Thanks for your patience during the server outage. Some data loss occurred but was limited to only two weeks of information. Click here for more details!
04/22/2005 42 new prop flights added in the Caribbean! Come fly down south in the sunny isles! Click here to visit the San Juan page!
03/25/2005 Squawkbox 3 is out! Finally a more intuitive interface to fly multiplayer is here. Click here to visit the Squawkbox download site!
03/04/2005 Cargo Route 3 is now available in Juneau. Come fly a twin through the heart of Alaska. Click here to visit the CR3 site!
01/01/2005 Turboprop regional routes added to the online database schedule for our St. Louis Hub, nearly 200 of them. These are immediately searchable. Click here to view STL outbound Beech 1900 routes!
12/29/2004 Mountain Air - San Juan has been awarded a cargo contract to carry mail and parcels to St Lucia, St Vincent, The Grenadines, and Grenada. This is low level VFR flying through beautiful scenery. Aircraft include the Twin Otter, Caravan and Baron. Get the details here!
12/24/2004 Gary Widup's latest airport rendition is now available. His newest work is St. Louis/Lambert Field. Click here to visit Gary's STL download page now!
10/20/2004 Head over to the Missoula hub page to find out more about this great contest! Click here to find out more!
10/19/2004 Official release of the DHC6 Twin Otter in both the cargo and passenger liveries has arrived and the aircraft is now in the hangar. This is a challenging bird to fly, particularly on short final. Go to the DHC6 download page and get it now!
10/10/2004 The FS2004 simulator Patch to version 9.1 is out! Read ALL instructions carefully before installing. Go to the MS Site here to download the patch!
10/04/2004 New management has been announced at Seattle. Congratulations to Dick Andersen, MTN637, and Charlie Johnson, MTN727, who have been selected to run the hub! Click here to visit the Seattle Hub website!
10/01/2004 The St. Louis hub has been in the works for nearly a year now and it's open for biz. Check out the hub website now!
09/07/2004 The newest hub in the Mountain Air system is a cargo only operation based in Missoula, MT. The Missoula hub will focus on the newest addition to the fleet, the Cessna 208 Caravan. There will be a wide range of flights to suit every taste. Charter runs, mail routes, backwater cargo runs, and transcontinental hauls are all apart of this newest operation. Stop in for a visit today! Plan a visit to Big Sky Country today!
08/12/2004 Two new charter divisions, Ferry Flights and Tropical Adventures, are now available for those looking for something a little different in their Carribean flying. Big thanks to Lance Andrus for all his hard work in getting these exciting new trips to the Mountain Air community! Visit the San Juan Charter page today!
07/31/2004 The updated version of the Mountain Air CRJ is centered around a more advanced flight model that will challenge you throughout your regional trips. Go to the hangar to get the patch! Head to the CRJ hangar now to get the patch!
07/13/2004 Kevin Williams (MTN1492) is our new Dispatcher. Please help me welcome Kevin to his new position. Click here for the forum post
06/15/2004 Congratulations to Dick Andersen, the new assistant hub manager at the KSEA hub! Visit the Seattle hub website now!
06/08/2004 Dean Hovver, MTN1264, has been selected ans the new hub manager at the St. Louis hub. He is replacing Gary Widup, who was serving the position until a offical manager was selected. Forum Post
05/23/2004 Congratulations to new KDEN Hub Chief Jacob Hansen and the Assistant Hub Chief Josh Nelson. Expect exciting and fresh changes soon in Denver. Visit the Denver hub page today!
05/20/2004 Enjoy the new Brasilia Go to the E120 page and download now!
05/16/2004 There are 9 exciting opportunities for individuals wishing to get more involved in the operations of Mountain Air! Check out our job listings page in the HR department today! Please visit the HR department for job listings
03/06/2004 Get ready to fly the Queen of the Skies--the Boeing 727! The newest addition to the ever-growing FS2004 Mountain Air fleet includes a custom panel, along with a custom audio set. Thanks to John Young, Eric Cantu, and Lonny Payne for their efforts! "Visit the Boeing 727 download page now!"
02/18/2004 Management is pleased to announce the release of the FS2004 BAe 146-200 v1.02 patch. This patch increases pitch/roll sensitivity in addition to increasing overall thrust performance. Download the BAe 146 patch now!
02/10/2004 Management is pleased to announce the public release of Mountain Air's FS2004 Raytheon Beech 1900D in both cargo and pax liveries. It is based on Mike Stone's awesome design! The download is 10.8MB. MANY THANKS to the authors among whom are John Young, MTN003, David Mead, MTN374, and Dan Ellis, MTN395. Click here to visit the download page.
01/31/2004 Executive Management is proud to announce the grand opening of our newest hub in San Juan, Puerto Rico! Click here to visit the new TJSJ Site!
01/19/2004 Bill Brown, Vice President of Terminal Operations, announced today the promotion of Don Cote, MTN520, and Jacob Hanson, MTN498, to Hub Manager (Los Angeles) and Assistant Hub Manager (Denver) respectively. Congratulations Don and Jacob! Click here for more news items.
12/22/2003 Mountain Air is growing! Two new hubs announced in St. Louis, Missouri and San Juan, Puerto Rico! Folks interested in participating in various management opportunities should visit the Human Resources area of the website! Human Resources Site!
12/02/2003 New self-installing fleet downloads available at our Fleet Site. The Boeing 757-200 in cargo and passenger liveries for FS2004. The Boeing 737-400 in passenger livery for FS2004. The Boeing 757-200 in passenger livery for FS2002. Download 'em at our Fleet Site. Fleet Site!
11/14/2003 PAJN has released Mail Route 7!!! Check out the PAJN hub site for some excitement! PAJN Hub Site!
11/10/2003 New online FORUM available for MTN pilots!!! Click the "Forum" link in the navigation bar to check it out! or click here!
11/03/2003 New website domain at www.mountain-air.org - Please update your bookmarks to the new site!!!
11/02/2003 We have hired a new Manager of New Member Services. Congratulations to Alec Peters, MTN594!!!
03/16/2003 Juneau has 2 new routes! Jet Feeder Route 3 and the 'all new' Cargo Route 1 (for twin props). Check the Juneau Hub page for details. WOOHOO!
01/05/2003 Gary Widup, MTN001, has added the next generation scenery for the Denver Airport, including the new Mountain Air headquarters buliding. Check out Gary's scenery site for more information!
12/09/2002 This spectactular trip from San Juan to Quito has something for every pilot. Over water flights, high mountain flights, stunning scenery, and challenging weather all create an opportunity for pilots to show their stuff! Give it a try! When you finish the trip, be sure to follow directions to add your name to the Wall of Fame! Click for Schedule & Flight Plan
11/05/2002 Check out the newly-added Flight Deck Column, our very own column created by one of our own -- Verne Cotton, MTN005.
10/26/2002 From the desk of Verne Cotton (MTN005, COO): "It gives me great pleasure to announce the appointment of Matt Jamieson (MTN219) to the newly created position of Director of Training. Matt will be responsible for creating and implementing a structured training, orientation and placement program for our many new pilots who have recently come aboard at Mountain Air. Matt is a real world instrument certified pilot who is currently working on his Commercial rating. Please extend your support to Matt and join me in congratulating him on his appointment.
09/30/2002 From the desk of Verne Cotton (MTN005, COO): "The following has been resolved and ratified by acclamation effective September 30, 2002 - Due to the rapid growth and burgeoning complexity of Mountain Air (the airline) the following organizational changes have been adapted. The position of Chairman of the Board of Directors has been created. The duties of this position shall be to call the annual meeting of the board as well as oversee the overall health of the airline. Further the Chairman may at his discretion convene special meetings at the request of three or more board members for the purpose of addressing issues of concern. Our founder, Gary Widup MTN001 has been elevated to this position. We should take a moment to reflect upon Gary's great contribution to our airline in its infancy for without his vision we would not have Mountain Air. Our gratitude to Gary is immeasurable. Verne Cotton MTN005 has been named President and Chief Executive Officer of the airline. The President and CEO is charged with the overall welfare and strategic direction of the airline. Chad Nichols MTN199 has been named Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. The Executive Vice President is charged with assisting the President to determine the strategic planning and to develop the tactical means by which strategic goals may be accomplished. Further he will rely upon the support of the senior management team in order to accomplish those goals. William Brown MTN203 has been promoted to the position of Senior Vice President of Terminal Operations. The VP Terminal Operations shall have responsibility for the effective operation of all of the Mountain Air Hubs through the support of all of the hub personnel. He will directly rely upon the support of every hub manager in order to accomplish his duties. I ask that you join me in wishing everyone of these gentlemen the best in our efforts to develop and present to you the pilots the finest virtual airline possible. As always, each of us are committed to an open door policy and welcome suggestions and feedback at anytime. Further, I ask for your continued support us as we all work to build and develop the Mountain Air dream: Short routes, Few rules, and Fun. My warmest regards, Verne Cotton MTN005."
07/28/2002 From the desk of Verne Cotton (MTN005, COO): "It gives me great pleasure to announce the promotion of Walter Grundman, MTN324, to the position of Denver Hub Manager. Let's give Walter our complete cooperation and support so that he may be successful in his new position."
07/26/2002 From the desk of Chad Nichols (MTN199, VP Terminal Operations): "I am thrilled to announce a newly-designed website that integrates an easier-to-use navigation menu which will provide our pilots better tools particularly in the flight planning arena. Part of the new features includes an entirely new Charts section dedicated to providing MTN pilots complete and current Terminal Procedure charts for the 48 Continental U.S. States. John Young, MTN003, is also working on adding charts for both Alaska and Hawaii, which should be posted soon....
06/09/2002 From the desk of Verne Cotton (MTN005, COO): "It gives me great pleasure to announce the promotion of Captain Chad Nichols to the position of Vice President of Terminal Operations. Chad is a seasoned Hub Chief and has done exceptional work with both the Salt Lake Hub and the design of the Corporate site and database. Chad's responsibilities will be the organization and operation of all of the Mountain Air hubs and he will work through our hub chiefs to achieve that end. I ask each of you to support Chad to the fullest in his challenging new role with Mountain Air."
06/08/2002 From the desk of Verne Cotton (MTN005, COO): "It gives me the greatest pleasure in announcing the promotion of long time pilot Rob Mays MTN048 to the position of Vice President, Flight Operations. In this capacity, Rob will be charged with maintaining the schedules as he has done so well and will also be responsible for member administration."
06/07/2002 From the desk of Verne Cotton (MTN005, COO): "I have recognized a continued demand among the pilots for an updated fleet and scenery. There is in fact a lot of behind the scenes work being done by many of us including Gary, Rolf and myself. After giving this issue a lot of thought, I have promoted Rolf Heinemann to the position of Vice President of Research and Development pending the board's ratification of the position. His function will be to organize and coordinate all of our design efforts toward a unified goal of building the most modern fleet and most comprehensive scenery available for our members." In addition to this promotion, a new position of Vice President of Information Systems was announced.
04/30/2002 The Worldwide Tour II is on its last 16 legs. Come join the fun in Asia and the return trips through Canada and the U.S.
12/19/2001 Mountain Air's Salt Lake City management team announced today the immediate promotion of Telvin Mills, MTN277, to the position of Chief Pilot. Congratulations Telvin!
09/21/2001 New database is online for PAJN pilots.
09/18/2001 Colorado-based Mountain Air announced today effective immediately the pilot ranking system has been modified to reflect a much broader ranking system. With the change, the Third Officer designation has been renamed Trainee. Several ranks were added to the roster including Flight Engineer, Commercial Captain, Training Captain, and Chief Captain. Under the previous system, pilots “capped” at 100 hours without eligibility for further promotion. “Under the new system,” quoting Mr. Widup at a press conference today, “we will be able to provide further advancement opportunities to all Mountain Air pilots both newcomers and veterans alike!” The announcement comes as a surprise to most Mountain Air pilots, as many will have a title change. Although some pilots will experience this title change, Mr. Widup stressed, “No pilot will lose the number of their stripes.” For example, previous pilots who were ranked Senior Captain with four stripes are now considered Captains, retaining all four stripes. Initial reports are that veteran pilots are excited about the new rank opportunities. For a comparison of the new changes, please visit http://www.arcomsystems.com/mountainair/hr/pilotranks.htm
09/03/2001 New database is online for KLAX pilots.
08/18/2001 Mountain Air's corporate management announced today the new database is online for KSLC and PAJN pilots. It is rumored the KLAX and KSEA pilots will be integrated into the database sometime in September and KDEN pilots will be right behind.
08/02/2001 n/a n/a
07/10/2001 In a bold move, senior management of Denver-based Mountain Air announced today the immediate promotion of three of its pilots to hub chiefs at various regional locations. Bill Brown (MTN203) was selected for KLAX, Katy Pluta (MTN236) for KSEA, and long-time Mountain Air pilot John Young (MTN003) for PAJN. An additional announcement was dispatched to the press just moments later indicating Rob Mays (MTN048) would be taking the helm as Director of Flight Operations and Willie Jones to be the New Pilot Involvement Manager. Congratulations to each of these pilots for their new endeavors.


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