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Juneau is Mountain Air's gateway to Alaska, opening the wild frontier for cargo and superb VFR flying. Juneau serves as the primary hub for cargo operations for the region. While passenger operations are an important part of this hub, many of the passenger operations are conducted out of Anchorage, which serves as a secondary passenger hub for Alaska operations.

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Airports Served By Juneau:

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Flight Div Aircraft Origin Destination City Gate NM Time
506 Pax B738 PAJN PANC Anchorage 1 499 1.6
505 Pax B738 PAJN KSEA Seattle N1-N9 791 2.3
4035 Pax B190 PAJN PASI Sitka 1 92 0.6
8702 Pax B190 PAJN CYXY Whitehorse 1 142 0.8
4037 Pax B737 PAJN PAYA Yakutat 1 179 0.9