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Executive Management

President & CEO - Gary Widup, MTN001
Image not found Gary is the original founder and was the original President of Mountain Air. He has been an avid flight simmer since the early days of SubLogic in the late 80s. He was one of the early pioneers on the SATCO network (the predecessor to VATSIM), having started both the Denver and the Salt Lake City ARTCCs. He later served as both the deputy director and the director of the USA division of SATCO. He stepped down from day to day management at Mountain Air in October 2002 after four years at the helm, but remained as Chairman of the Board providing insight and direction. In January 2010, Gary stepped back into day-to-day management and once again became the President and CEO. Gary works as a consultant, doing database management and programming as well as traffic safety consulting. He is an avid motorcyclist, and also enjoys fly fishing and camping.
Executive Vice-President - Verne Cotton, MTN005
Image not found Verne is one of the five original founding members of Mountain Air. He has been an avid flight simmer since the late 80s. He was also one of the early pioneers on the SATCO network, having worked alongside Gary in the Salt Lake City ARTCC. He later served as the Events Manager for the USA division of SATCO. Verne was promoted to Vice President in 1999, and then became the President in October 2002. He served in that capacity until May 2005 when he became Vice-Chairman. In January 2010, he again assumed the role of executive Vice President. Verne is a retired Operations Supervisor for FedEx. Besides flight sim, he enjoys model ship building, reading and politics.
Vice-President of Administration - Casey Diers, MTN1474
Image not found Casey has been involved with flight simulation since MSFS 5.1. He joined Mountain Air in September 2006, and started his management role with Mountain Air in July 2009 as the regional chief pilot for Europe. In November 2009 he was promoted to Assistant Hub Manager. He became our Dispatch Manager in July 2010, and was promoted to his current position in November 2011. He is also a controller on the VATSIM network, and is currently the facility engineer for the Denver ARTCC. Casey works as a freelance stage lighting designer. Besides flight sim, he enjoys radio controlled aviation, computers and web programming.
Vice-President of Operations - Bill Hunt, MTN2469
Image not found Bill joined Mountain Air in December 2013. He quickly became one of our most active members. He became a dispatcher in February 2015, and was promoted to Dispatch Manager in September 2015. As Bill flew more and more, he became interested in helping our newer pilots, particularly in learning to fly online using VATSIM. He spent many hours as a de-facto instructor for new pilots. In February 2017, Bill temporarily took on the added burden of overseeing the training department until a permanent successor was named. He was named as VP of Operations in August 2017. Bill lives in the lower Chesapeake Bay area and currently works as a heavy equipment operator with over 20 years experience in heavy commercial underground utilities. He was a past commercial fishing Captain with a 100 ton masters license. In his off time, besides flight simming, he enjoys hunting, fishing, and playing with his 5 grandkids.
Vice-President of Training and Events - John Downen, MTN2245
Image not found John joined Mountain Air in January 2013. He immediately became a regular at our group flights, and enjoyed them so much he decided to give back by becoming our Group Flight Coordinator in September of 2013. After almost a year at that, he was promoted to Events Manager in August 2014. In August 2017, John was promoted to VP of Training and Events. He began with flight simulation about the time FSX came out, but got hooked. John works as an EMT for a county ambulance service in busy central Florida. He also enjoys radio-controlled models of various types.

Line Managers
Member Services Manager - Bruce Marten, MTN1794
Image not found Bruce joined Mountain Air in June 2008, and began his management tour as chief pilot of the PAJN hub in January 2009. In November 2010, he became the passenger operations manager, and then in December 2013 he took on the member services department as manager. Bruce works as a church pastor. Besides flight sim, he enjoys backpacking, watching movies, and playing PC games. His newest investment of time is tending to his three backyard hens.

Operations Manager - Frank Sullivan, MTN2183
Image not found Frank joined Mountain Air in July 2012. Over time he realized that this was his home Airline and started giving back. He started with verifying routes for the the hubs and worked up to Assistant Operations Manager. In September 2015, Frank was promoted to Operations Manager. Frank's first experience with flight sim was on a Commodore 64, and even with the crude graphics he was hooked. Frank works as a Parts and Fleet Supervisor for a large refrigeration contractor. In his free time away from Flight Sim he enjoys family time, gardening, and tinkering with home projects.
Training Manager - Tony Yonek, MTN2869
Image not found Tony began his flight simulation career with FS98. Since then he has accumulated over 3500 hours, most of those being in FSX. For the past several years, Tony has flown exclusively on VATSIM. He joined Mountain Air in January 2017, instantly becoming an active member. He was named Training Manager in June 2017. Tony is retired from the Air Force and currently lives in PA, maintaining public safety radio systems. He is also a Certified Flight Instructor with Instrument rating, specializing in advanced avionics cockpits. During his free time, Tony enjoys spending time with his family, archery/bow hunting, and is an audio/video geek.
Dispatch Manager - Gene Miller, MTN2612
Image not found Gene was born and raised in Indianapolis and due to back surgery had to retire in 2001 from over-the-road truck driving after 18 years and 1.8 million accident free miles. He became interested in flight sim in 2014 and joined Mountain in August of 2014. Shortly thereafter, he was diagnosed with leukemia and became inactive for a few months to undergo treatment. He started fyling again when he was able, and the immersion in flight sim along with the friends he's made here helped take his mind off his health problems. Fortunately, he's healthy enough again to have life mostly normal. He agreed to become a dispatcher in June 2017 as a way of giving back to the airline and help keep things going strong here. He was promoted to Dispatch Manager in August 2017.
Events Manager - Glen Brown, MTN2451
Image not found Glen started flying simulators about the time of the FS9 release. He joined Mountain Air in December 2013, and served a short stint as an events coordinator in 2015. He was named Events Manager in August 2017. His hobbies include playing golf, hockey, curling and hanging out with his cat, Babs. Glen currently resides in the Yukon.

Training Editor - Scott Merritt, MTN2426
Image not found Scott joined Mountain Air in October 2013, and immediately became an active member, joining in group flights and online activities. He worked in the Air Force as an aircraft mechanic, rooting his love of aviation. Scott works as a copier service technician in Sioux City, Iowa. In his free time he enjoys fishing, camping, boathing, and of course flight simming.
Assistant Operations Manager - Don Singleton, MTN2554
Image not found Unlike many Mountain Air pilots, Don is a late comer to the world of flight simulators flying the latest version of X-Plane. He purchased X-Plane in the spring of 2014 and within the month joined Mountain Air and has enjoyed a very friendly “ready-to-help” group of flight simmers from around the world who have taught him a great deal about this hobby and avionics – and his journey continues. Besides this hobby, Don has enjoyed cycling most of his adult life and to this day still enjoys single track on the mountain bike as well as an occasional century ride on his ultra-light carbon fiber road bike.
Dispatcher - OPEN
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