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This roster contains automated pilot information directly from our online database. Only ACTIVE pilots will be displayed (those who have logged at least a single flight in the last 90 days). If you are not receiving updates to this page, REFRESH your browser. If you are not on this list and you should be, you should log a flight within the last 90 days. If you continue having problems, please notify the Member Services Manager.

You can click on any rank image to go the rank page for an explanation of the various ranks. You can click on any pilot's callsign link to look at that pilot's personal page. If you haven't already logged in, it will require you to do so before it will display any personal pages.


Callsign Pilot Home Vataware Rank Last Flight Title
MTN001 Gary Widup Casper, WY USA MTN001 2018-01-31 President & CEO
MTN073 Earl Miller Federal Heights, Colorado USA MTN073 2018-01-04 Pilot
MTN115 Lance Andrus Linden, North Carolina USA MTN115 2018-02-19 Pilot
MTN250 Robert Epps Denver, Colorado MTN250 2017-11-27 Pilot
MTN257 Mel Burks Pocatello, Idaho USA MTN257 2018-01-23 Pilot
MTN381 Brian Smith Monett, Missouri USA MTN381 2018-02-11 Pilot
MTN498 Jake Hanson Portland, Oregon USA MTN498 2018-02-21 Pilot
MTN547 Steve Armstrong Port Orchard, Washington USA MTN547 2018-02-10 Pilot
MTN578 Robert Patton II Gold Bar, WA USA MTN578 2018-01-25 Pilot
MTN586 Michael Selen Sacramento, California USA MTN586 2018-02-20 Pilot
MTN888 Kevin Chambers Tuscaloosa, Alabama USA MTN888 2017-11-28 Pilot
MTN1031 Brandon Hora Olive Branch, Mississippi USA MTN1031 2017-12-08 Pilot
MTN1289 Jeff Hendershot Salt Lake City, Utah USA MTN1289 2018-01-13 Fleet Painter
MTN1304 Jim Kennedy Twin Falls, Idaho USA MTN1304 2018-02-21 Pilot
MTN1388 Joe Kaye Oak Creek, Wisconsin USA MTN1388 2018-02-19 Pilot
MTN1499 Wayne Roberts Rappahannock Academy, Virginia USA MTN1499 2018-02-12 Pilot
MTN1563 Jim Sims San Diego, California USA MTN1563 2018-02-19 Pilot
MTN1602 Dan Ciavardini Atlanta, Georgia USA MTN1602 2018-01-14 Pilot
MTN1704 John Sanders Levelland, Texas USA MTN1704 2017-12-26 Pilot
MTN1716 Darin Pilgeram Salt Lake City, Utah MTN1716 2018-02-12 Pilot
MTN1738 Brad Metzler Vancouver, Washington USA MTN1738 2018-02-17 Pilot
MTN1794 Bruce Marten Oregon City, Oregon USA MTN1794 2018-02-22 Member Services Manager
MTN1795 Tim Dale Canby, Oregon USA MTN1795 2018-02-03 Pilot
MTN1835 Tom Tobin Seattle, Washington USA MTN1835 2018-02-13 Pilot
MTN2090 Aharon Dayan Tel Aviv, n/a Israel MTN2090 2018-02-11 Pilot
MTN2183 Frank Sullivan Greenacres, FL USA MTN2183 2018-02-03 Operations Manager
MTN2245 John Downen Hudson, Florida USA MTN2245 2018-02-10 Vice-President of Training & Events
MTN2283 Raymond Voulo Massapequa, New York USA MTN2283 2018-02-22 Pilot
MTN2358 Cliff Hunter Cayyolu, Ankara Turkey MTN2358 2018-01-15 Pilot
MTN2425 Bill Pitt Phoenix, AZ USA MTN2425 2018-01-28 Pilot
MTN2451 Glen Brown Dawson City, YT Canada MTN2451 2018-02-10 Events Manager
MTN2469 Bill Hunt Poquoson, VA USA MTN2469 2018-02-18 Vice-President of Operations
MTN2490 Gerardo Hellmund Mexico City, Mexico Mexico MTN2490 2018-02-21 Pilot
MTN2502 Mike Jones Richmond, VA USA MTN2502 2018-02-04 Pilot
MTN2554 Don Singleton Draper, VA USA MTN2554 2018-02-21 Assistant Operations Manager
MTN2570 Roger Curtiss Deer Harbor, WA USA MTN2570 2018-02-21 Pilot
MTN2612 Eugene Miller Forrest City, AR USA MTN2612 2018-02-21 Dispatch Manager
MTN2665 Ryan Worley Asheville, North Carolina USA MTN2665 2018-02-04 Pilot
MTN2674 Robin Tannahill Edinburgh, Lothians Scotland MTN2674 2018-02-15 Pilot
MTN2729 Doug Payne North Little Rock, AR USA MTN2729 2018-02-02 Pilot
MTN2744 Carlos Neves Lisbon, Center Portugal MTN2744 2017-12-28 Pilot
MTN2782 Ken Marshall Woodland, WA USA MTN2782 2018-01-19 Pilot
MTN2857 Eli Schwartz Boston, MA USA MTN2857 2018-02-18 Pilot
MTN2869 Tony Yonek Harrisburg, PA USA MTN2869 2018-02-20 Training Manager
MTN2878 Chris Halbfoster Destin, FL USA MTN2878 2018-02-08 Pilot
MTN2919 Dan Ward SilverSpring, MD USA MTN2919 2018-01-25 Pilot
MTN2928 Jeancarlos Polanco Bronx, NY USA MTN2928 2017-12-16 Pilot
MTN2932 Jerry Gatewood Hanover, PA USA MTN2932 2018-02-13 Pilot
MTN2934 Hunter Fizer Tuscon, AZ USA MTN2934 2018-01-15 Pilot
MTN2937 Paul McCullough Roseburg, OR USA MTN2937 2018-02-07 Pilot

Total Active Pilots: 50


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