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Welcome to Mountain Air!
Becoming a member of our community means much more than just having some planes to download and some routes to fly. We have a robust forum and an active training program that will help you get started and continue to provide support regardless of your eventual level of expertise. Our community consists of people ranging from amateurs flying their first simulator to real world enthusiast pilots to active airline pilots.
Pilot Manual
To get you started, download and look over our Pilot Manual. It contains a great deal of information on getting started with Mountain Air, where to look for certain things and a sneak preview of our community. It will also get you pointed to our other training material, which requires logging in to our server with your callsign and password.
When you signed up and received your callsign, you were also given your credentials to our forum. You should try to visit the forum often. It is our primary means of communication in the airline, and many of the most important areas are not accessible without logging in using your callsign and password.
You can find our official aircraft on our fleet pages. Many of the downloads are self-installing programs, be sure to download the one for your specific simulator version. You'll need an unzipping program (included in Windows XP and Windows 7) to unzip the download. Many of our planes can be found on and will require an account there to download. You must use your pilot login to download files from our server.
We have an automated PIREP system if you choose to use our live ACARS system. You can dispatch your flight from our website and it will automatically load all flight information into the system. When you finish your flight, just send it to our server and your PIREP is automatically filed. Go to our training pages for information and an instruction manual on installing and configuring the software.
Flying Online
To fly online, which greatly enhances the overall realism of flying, visit the VATSIM website to get an online account:
  • 1) Register for a VATSIM ID
  • 2) Choose either FSInn or Squawkbox as your connection software and download
  • 3) Install either FSInn or Squawkbox
We have training manuals on both FSInn and SquawkBox to help you with the software installation and set-up. Some people even have problems when trying to use the manuals, so we have live support available to help you as necessary through our training department. Contact the training manager from our training pages for more.
Member Services Manager
Our Member Services Manager is always only an e-mail away. He stands ready to help with any inquiry concerning the airline and its operations. If he doesn't have the answer, he knows who does and he'll forward your question to the appropriate party. Consider him the "help desk" for the airline and don't be shy about making use of it.


We recommend flying on the VATSIM network. Click the logo for more information.

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